Code Red Wellness

The worldwide prevalence of obesity is steadily rising. According to the World Health Organization it nearly tripled between 1975 and 2016. Among children and adolescents there was a dramatic rise from 4% to over 18%. Boys and girls were similarly affected. The consequences of overweight and obesity can be devastating. Being overweight has been linked to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Stroke. The current weight management systems have failed to curb the problem. Introducing Code Red Wellness, a cutting edge weight management system geared towards helping present and future generations manage their weight for life.


Scientific research has shown that the most effective way to manage weight is to eat responsibly and to exercise. Code Red Wellness helps you to make the correct food choices by providing food education and consultation. Code Red Wellness also provides exercise prescription and motivation through its premium messaging service. These two elements have resulted in an over 90 % success rate over a one year period compared to the 30 % success rate of other behavior modification programs.