Eating Guide

The only successful food plan is the one you can follow. Some programs advocate eating everything in moderation, others boast "no restrictions!" Honestly, can you really eat whatever, whenever and however you want and be healthy? The key to successful weight management is education, planning and execution. The goal of Code Red Wellness is to teach you the "why" of eating. You will then have the knowledge to choose what to eat, when to eat it and how much. This is not an easy task so don't expect to change overnight. It may take weeks if not months to master, so be patient. You will have successes and setbacks. Take it all in stride.

First you must learn the different types of food and why you need them. Next you must learn how much of each food you need to function properly. Then you must learn food management. This is the toughest part of the program. You will be bombarded on a daily basis with obstacles to your success but with determination and perseverance making wise food choices will become second nature.

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